Government must provide certainty on rates


The Chief Minister must be open and honest with Canberrans and tell them if there will be rates rebates for many struggling Canberra families next financial year.

The Labor-Greens Government has indicated they will push ahead with a 3.75 per cent rates increase from July but are unable to commit to further rebates while the pandemic continues.

Canberra Liberals Leader and Shadow Treasurer Elizabeth Lee said Canberrans need some certainty regarding how much rates will cost next financial year.

“Last year it was promised 18,000 households would be hit with a rates increase and in fact over 60,000 households were slugged with increases,” said Ms Lee.

“When it comes to being open, honest, transparent and upfront with Canberrans about how much rates will cost, this government has demonstrated once again that it cannot be trusted.

“There appears to be very little information about how many Canberra households might be offered a rebate, who qualifies for a rebate or if there will be a rebate at all.

“Many Canberrans are already struggling with the massive increases to their rates imposed by this government. They need clarity about how much more their rates will cost in the coming years,” Ms Lee concluded.