Canberra Liberals to strengthen bail to protect frontline workers from repeat assault


Shadow Minister for Police Jeremy Hanson will today move legislation in the ACT Legislative Assembly to protect frontline community service providers such as police, ambulance, and other emergency workers from repeat assault.

Mr Hanson said these workers are those we ask to head into danger on a daily basis to keep the rest of us safe. We need to protect them as much as possible, especially from repeat assault.

“For years we have been asking for reviews to our bail laws," Mr Hanson said.

"Since we first asked for this in 2012, the government still cannot tell who is committing offences while on bail, and there are no extra protections for our frontline workers.

“Those workers, and the community, are sick of seeing repeat assaults by people who are out on bail. It takes a terrible toll on our frontline workers, and they deserve better.

“My amendment will mean that if you assault a frontline worker, you will not automatically get bail. There will no longer be a “get out of jail free” card.

“By making this change, it sends a message to these workers – if you do get assaulted, we’ve got your back.”

The Bail Amendment Bill 2021 adds ‘assault on a frontline community service provider’ to the list of offences to which a presumption of bail does not apply.

“This government has refused to act for years. We stand with the police and our emergency service workers, and I truly hope that, even after all these years, the Labor-Greens Government will support this Bill to keep these workers safe," Mr Hanson concluded.