‘Her Way’ campaign an insult to Canberra women


Labor Backbencher Dr Marisa Paterson today launched the ‘Her Way’ campaign, encouraging southside women to change their daily commutes to accommodate the construction of Light Rail Stage 2.

On her website, Dr Paterson states that “women often experience a greater complexity of activities in their travel patterns than men and undertake more non-work-related trips than men.”

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Giulia Jones expressed her dismay at the report and its blatant political motive.

“According to an ACT Annual Report, 60 per cent of women don’t feel safe in their neighbourhoods at night,” Mrs Jones said.

“Yet here we have the ACT Labor Party encouraging women to change their travel behaviour to accommodate their infrastructure project.

“The Labor-Greens Government should be doing more to ensure women feel safe enough to access public transport and utilise active travel.

“This campaign also highlights how incredibly out of touch the government is with Canberrans, especially mums and families who are required to drop off and pick up children from School and sport as well as travel to work.

“It is rich for a member of this government to suggest that women should change travel habits to accommodate construction that this Labor-Greens Government clearly hasn’t adequately planned for.

“If the Labor-Greens Government want more Canberrans using public transport perhaps they should not have trashed the bus network in 2019, removing easy access to the network for many women,” Mrs Jones concluded.