Elizabeth Lee to attend COP26 in Glasgow


Canberra Liberals Leader and Shadow Minister for Climate Action Elizabeth Lee will attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow from this Sunday.

Ms Lee, who will join the Coalition for Conservation delegation, will also deliver a speech, and appear on two panels alongside world leaders at events associated with the conference.

“This conference will provide a great opportunity to engage with climate change experts and leaders from all around the world,” Ms Lee said.

“The ACT has the opportunity to not only be an Australian leader, but a world leader, when it comes to reducing our carbon emissions and fostering the best minds in sustainable technology.

“During my first budget reply speech, I highlighted the opportunity for Canberra to go beyond climate change targets and become a genuine world leader in developing solutions, led by some of the best minds in the country.”

Ms Lee said she will use the opportunity to learn how the ACT can meet our emissions reduction targets by bringing world class ideas back to Canberra.

“The Canberra Liberals are unreservedly committed to the ACT achieving net-zero by 2045, but simply having a target does not mean our work stops.

“COP26 is an opportunity to bring world class ideas, technology and approaches to tackling climate change back to Canberra.

“We need to constantly be looking at new ways to reduce the ACT’s carbon footprint, as well as investing in sustainable, reliable renewable energy sources that will keep the cost of energy low.”

Cristina Talacko, Chairperson of the Coalition for Conservation said they are delighted to have Elizabeth join the parliamentary engagement delegation to COP26.

“Elizabeth brings a wide prism of knowledge to the table, including her perspective as a political leader from a diverse background committed to strong climate action,” said Ms Talacko.

“We are very pleased to have her speak on the UN Globe COP26 Legislators Summit closing panel, on how policy makers must set markers for how momentum on climate action can be accelerated from COP26.

“Ms Lee will also speak at the Youth Environment Summit in Edinburgh on the importance of young voices on climate,” concluded Ms Talacko.