Canberra Liberals call on ACT Government to ease venue restrictions


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee is calling on the Labor-Greens Government to further ease venue restrictions across the ACT.

Ms Lee said with vaccination rates approaching 95 per cent in the Territory it makes sense for restrictions, particularly those impacting hospitality and retail venues to be eased, in line with NSW.

“With cross-border travel arrangements now allowing people in Canberra and NSW greater flexibility to move around, the ACT Government should further amend restrictions that are impeding our local businesses,” Ms Lee said.

“This includes changing density limits to one person per two square metres indoors and outdoors to apply across all venues which will come into effect in NSW from next Monday.

“Canberrans have done the right thing and heeded calls to get vaccinated. It is now time that businesses who have done it very tough throughout the lockdown to be given some freedom to reap the benefits of our high vaccination rates.”

Shadow Minister for Business Leanne Castley said it is important for restrictions to ease as quickly as possible and allow businesses to make full use of the heavy trading period during November and December.

“We need to give businesses every opportunity during the busy period leading up to Christmas before trade generally slows in January,” Ms Castley said.

“Easing restrictions and bringing the ACT in line with NSW will have a big impact on so many businesses that have been doing it very tough for months now.

“While restrictions have been in place it has not been viable for many businesses to reopen after the lockdown and making these changes will be of great assistance to a lot of our struggling businesses,” concluded Ms Castley.

The NSW Government has announced from November 8 there will be no capacity limits for major recreation and entertainment facilities; no limits to the number of visitors in people’s homes and density limits of one person per two square metres to apply across all activities.