ACT Government neglects safety issue at Charnwood shops


Liberal MLA for Ginninderra Elizabeth Kikkert is calling on the Labor-Greens Government to stop delaying and fix the uneven pavement at Charnwood shops that has plagued the local community since 2013.

Ms Kikkert said over the years multiple people have tripped on the pavers causing injuries, and in some cases, hospitalisations.

“Residents, community groups and business owners have been telling the Labor-Greens Government about this problem for years but time and time again, the government has come back with temporary and ineffective solutions,” said Mrs Kikkert.

“Funding was initially announced to fix the pavers back in 2016 but five years on and the same issue remains.

“The latest attempt to fix the pavers by the Labor-Greens Government was again preceded by a flashy photo op, and as yet, no funding or clear promises of repairs.

“The Yoursay Government webpage states that the ‘listening report’ from the community consultation was supposed to be released in October, but no report has been released.

“Even after they release the report it could take up to a year before funding is provided and even longer until the dangerous pavement is properly fixed.

“This issue is more serious than just poor aesthetics of uneven pavers. It is a major safety issue that has plagued the local community for almost a decade.

“It is not fair on the people of Charnwood or local businesses like the pharmacy that continually care for these people that are tripping on unsafe pavers.

“This government needs to stop with the flashy photo-ops, stop with the delays, release the report and fix this problem,” Mrs Kikkert concluded.