Labor-Greens Government votes against protecting vulnerable wildlife


The Labor-Greens Government today voted against the Canberra Liberals’ call for new laws by June 30 next year to protect vulnerable wildlife.

Shadow Environment Minister Leanne Castley questioned the Labor-Greens Government’s commitment to protecting the grey-headed flying fox given the government has done nothing to protect them since they were declared a vulnerable species in May 2019.

“There is tripartisan agreement to protect these megabats, so why doesn’t the government get on with the job and introduce the new laws by June 30 next year?” Leanne said.

She criticised the six Greens MLAs for voting against urgent action to protect the wildlife, accusing them of lacking the backbone to get results.

“So much for the Canberra community electing six Greens in the belief that environmental management and protecting our vulnerable wildlife would be prioritised,” Leanne said.

The Government voted against the Canberra Liberals’ amendments for new laws for animal-friendly netting to protect grey-headed flying foxes by June next year and instead supporting a Greens’ motion for new laws by 1 January 2023.

“The grey-headed flying fox was listed as vulnerable in May 2019 and the government has done nothing to protect it since then,” Leanne said.

“Then today it votes against the Canberra Liberals’ amendment for urgent action by saying it does not want to be hasty. Why doesn’t the government put words into action and just get the job done?"