Long-term mowing plan needed following Labor-Greens neglect


The ACT Labor-Greens Government continues to neglect the delivery of basic services, including mowing, which has reached dangerous heights for many Canberra drivers.

Shadow Minister for City Services Nicole Lawder will move a motion in the Legislative Assembly today, calling on the Labor-Greens Government to update the mowing schedule to respond to changing weather patterns and improve road visibility.

“Every year this Labor-Greens Government blames ‘unprecedented rain’ and asks Canberrans to be patient and understanding about the overgrown grass in their neighbourhoods and suburbs,” Ms Lawder said.

“It’s very clear that this government needs to properly invest in our mowing fleet and resources to keep up with increased rain.

“We know that rainfall is increasing every year and we need to be prepared to manage that.

“City services like mowing, footpaths and roads have been neglected for many years, and it’s about time the Labor-Greens Government gets back to basics and delivers on what affects the daily lives of Canberrans.

“My motion today calls on the government to better invest in our mowing resources and plan for a future with more extreme wet seasons.

“This issue is raised every year and it’s time that the Labor-Greens Government start providing the essential services Canberrans need,” Ms Lawder concluded.