Serious ACT Government data breach needs independent investigation


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee is calling on the Labor-Greens Government to conduct an independent external review into the serious breach of public sector employees compensation data.

The call comes after it was revealed last week that workers compensation data of nearly 30,000 public sector employees was publicly posted on the Tenders ACT website.

The data posted on the website contained public servants’ years of birth, gender, occupation, directorate of employment, information of injury and financial compensation details.

Ms Lee said it is imperative that a matter of this serious nature be reviewed independently following the Labor-Greens Government’s announcement it will be conducting an internal review only.

“This incident is very distressing for the public servants whose personal information was posted for public viewing on the Tenders ACT website,” Ms Lee said.

“We need to ensure that a data breach of this magnitude does not happen again. There is no doubt this breach has led to a loss in confidence of the ACT Labor-Greens Governments ability to protect employee confidentiality.

“Both the Community and Public Sector Union and the Firefighters’ Union have voiced significant concerns about the breach, yet the Labor-Greens Government refuses to take responsibility.

“Governments hold sensitive information on many of their citizens; we need to make sure that there are whole of government processes to protect that data.

“If this Labor-Greens Government has nothing to hide, it should have no problem with agreeing to an independent external review,” Ms Lee concluded.

The motion, calls on the Labor-Greens Government to table the Terms of Reference of the review, including the details of the reviewer in this Assembly by the last sitting day in February 2022.

It also calls for the findings of the independent external review to be tabled in the Legislative Assembly by the last sitting day in September 2022.