New Police system a ‘green light for criminals’


Jeremy Hanson, Shadow Police Minister, has reacted with alarm at reports that a new government system may mean property crimes receive no visit from police.

Yesterday it was reported that, “victims of burglary may not get a visit from police, with officers focussing their attention on more serious crimes.”

Neil Gaughan, the ACT Chief Police Officer, said on radio, “Resources are tight, as they are in every sector, so we find this is going to be more efficient.

“We will be less responsive to some of the property crime we have been in the past.”

“This is an extremely concerning change,” said Mr Hanson.

“It seems like now victims of burglary and other property crime will lodge a report online, and then have to wait and see if police will turn up. There doesn’t even seem to be a system to let them know if police will attend or not.

“This is not what the Canberra community expects from their police force, it is not what the police want, and it is not what we need to keep Canberra safe. This sends a greenlight to criminals who will know a certain level of crime may not even receive a visit from police.

“I call on the Minister to come out from hiding and explain how and why this change was made, and how it will impact Canberrans, especially those in disadvantaged groups who are most often victims of small property crimes?

“Frankly, this a direct result of the fact that there are not enough police in the ACT, as has been stated repeatedly by me and by police themselves, and I call on the government to focus on community policing and give police the resources they and the community need,” said Mr Hanson.