Frustrated Belconnen residents left in the dark by Labor-Greens Government


Shadow Minister for Emergency Services James Milligan is calling on the Labor-Greens Government to put more resources towards restoring power in Belconnen suburbs following storm damage on Monday.

Residents in the suburbs of Latham, McGregor, Holt and Scullin have been without power for over three days, with some areas estimated to not have any power until Sunday.

Mr Milligan said it is unacceptable that Canberrans should be without power for almost a week.

“The response from the Labor-Greens Government has been inadequate and many frustrated residents have reached out to the Canberra Liberals calling for help,” Mr Milligan said.

“I have contacted the Minister for Emergency Services asking for more information, but I am yet to receive a response and there has been very little information forthcoming from the government.

“I am also conscious that there are many people who have been asked to isolate due to COVID-19 and many families with children living in the affected areas who are stuck at home quarantining with no power or support.

“I do want to thank the members of the Emergency Services and the energy companies who have been working very hard to get the power back on, along with the many volunteers who have been out there helping to clean up debris left behind by the storms.

“It is extremely disappointing that so many Canberrans have been left in the dark with the Minister unresponsive and not forthcoming with information for those with no power,” Mr Milligan concluded.