Canberrans frustrated with growing number of untreated dangerous potholes


Canberrans are expressing their frustration with large, untreated potholes across the ACT which are damaging cars.

Shadow Minister for City Services Nicole Lawder said while the Labor-Greens Government continues to talk the talk on potholes, the reality is that cars are almost disappearing into large dangerous holes om our roads.

“Instead of talking about fixing potholes, how about the government ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to this area, so that Canberrans don’t have to keep forking out for car and tyre repairs arising from close encounters with potholes,” Ms Lawder said.

“For example, Sulwood Drive alongside Mt Taylor is in an appalling condition. Some potholes have been recently filled and with more rain, are already crumbling again.

“In one case a ‘hazard ahead” sign has been put into place where a hole is so large that you can hear the noise of cars scraping into and out of it, or else cars must veer onto the other side of the road to avoid the hazard.

“There are examples like this all across Canberra and it appears as though instead of actually addressing the issue, this Labor-Greens Government continues to offer band-aid solution patch jobs rather than properly fixing the holes.

“This is just another example of how this Labor-Greens Government is failing to address basic city services and Canberrans deserve much better,” Ms Lawder concluded.