Labor-Greens Government must simplify delivery of rapid antigen tests in schools


Shadow Minister for Education Jeremy Hanson is calling on the Labor-Greens Government to simplify the delivery of rapid antigen tests to students in line with some non-government schools.

Mr Hanson said he has received calls from a number of parents who find the current system of being allocated times during the day to pick up tests as difficult and confusing.

“With less than 24 hours notice given to pick up the tests, this is causing chaos for parents and teachers who are already understaffed across our schools,” said Mr Hanson.

“Currently in some non-government schools, tests are given to the students to take home with them, providing further information to the parents through emails and letters.

“The ACT Labor-Greens Government must change the system immediately and make the distribution of tests as easy as possible for our teachers and parents,” Mr Hanson concluded.