Questions remain on Labor-Greens Government probity issues


Following inaction by the Labor-Greens Government regarding how far serious probity issues have spread within the ACT Government, the Canberra Liberals are calling for an independent audit of all ACT Government procurement decisions over the last five years.

This call comes on the back of the ACT Auditor-General’s report that identified serious probity issues in procurement practices for the Campbell Primary School Modernisation Project.

The report stated that the procurement process lacked probity and tenderers were not dealt with fairly, impartially, and consistently.

Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee said the ACT Integrity Commissioner has publicly stated that the probity problems identified by the Auditor-General are ‘likely to be endemic’ in the ACT Government.

“The Chief Minister is not taking the integrity of his government seriously and is not treating Canberrans with the respect they deserve when it comes to spending their money,” Ms Lee said.

“It is clear there is a culture of secrecy that surrounds this Labor-Greens Government and the biggest question arising from all of this is how widespread are these issues.

“During recent annual reports hearings, it was astounding to hear the Deputy Chief Minister and responsible minister express a view that nothing was wrong with the Campbell Primary School procurement despite the scathing findings by the Auditor-General in his report.

“This is an opportunity for Labor and the Greens to walk the walk and show Canberrans that they believe in action on government transparency.

“If they have nothing to hide, they should have no problems agreeing and committing to an independent external audit of all ACT procurement decisions over the past five years,” Ms Lee concluded.