No confidence in Education Minister


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee will today move a motion of no-confidence in Education Minister Yvette Berry for failing to keep students, teachers, and school communities safe.

The motion comes after a WorkSafe prohibition notice was issued to Calwell High School after inspectors found teachers and administration staff were being abused, sworn at and subjected to violent behaviour from students on a daily basis.

Ms Lee said the prohibition notice is shocking reading and a direct result of an incompetent minister who has failed to act; and now must take full responsibility and step down as Education Minister.

“I am devastated for our students, teachers and school communities who are enduring horrific conditions under the watch of this Minister,” said Ms Lee.

“The Minister has failed to ensure we have enough teachers, and the right school infrastructure to support our growing population, long before COVID made the situation worse.

“Systemic violence and an unsafe environment in Canberra’s government schools has become a reality under this Labor-Greens government.

“The Minister is compromising the safety of students and is putting our teachers at risk,” Ms Lee concluded.

Shadow Minister for Education and Deputy Leader Jeremy Hanson said in 14 years of politics this is the worst he has seen.

“This is absolutely shocking, and our parents, teachers and children would rightly be disgusted with this ACT Labor-Greens Government and the Education Minister whose response has been absolutely hopeless,” Mr Hanson said.

“It is unacceptable and trying to blame COVID for what are long term systemic problems is not good enough.

“The Minister was warned in July last year of these issues and teachers have been pleading for help which has fallen on deaf ears.

“Over the last decade this government has cut funding by 3.3 per cent in real terms. The Minister has not been listening to teachers, and has failed them, our students, and parents,” Mr Hanson concluded.