Minister finally agrees to Dhulwa inquiry following repeated calls by Canberra Liberals


Following repeated calls by the Canberra Liberals and the Nursing and Midwifery Federation, the ACT Labor-Greens Government has finally agreed to launch an independent inquiry into the Dhulwa Mental Health Unit.

Shadow Minister for Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing Leanne Castley welcomed the announcement but hit out at the Mental Health Minister for dragging her feet on the issue.

“Nurses have been crying out for help following a number of assaults at the facility but have continually been ignored by the minister,” Ms Castley said.

“It should not take a WorkSafe notice and repeated calls from our nurses and the Canberra Liberals for the Labor-Greens Government to finally act and launch an inquiry.

“There have been over 100 assaults at the facility in recent months and it is staggering it took so long for the Minister to do her job and protect our hard working nurses at Dhulwa.”

Ms Castley said she will be looking very closely at the terms of reference and will ensure any inquiry looks to rectify the problems at the facility as quickly as possible.

"My immediate concern is the safety of nurses working at Dhulwa today. What is the Minister doing to protect our nurses now, to ensure there will be no more attacks and they can go to work not fearing an assault," Ms Castley concluded.