Greens latest attack on defence industry should be called out


Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs and Deputy Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson is calling on all parties in the ACT Legislative Assembly to affirm their support for Canberra’s defence industry and the role of defence industry in its defence of Ukraine.

This follows a speech in the Legislative Assembly where Greens MLA Jo Clay mounted a scathing attack on defence industry. Her speech specifically targeted a defence industry organisation with its local headquarters in Canberra which is supplying vital equipment to the Ukrainian people.

Mr Hanson said the only people applauding such attacks on defence industry would be those who would see the Ukrainian people stripped of their ability to defend themselves against aggression.

“Recent attacks on the Defence Industry by the Greens Party are a real concern not only for national security but the thousands of defence related jobs held by Canberrans,” Mr Hanson said.

“The economic contribution of the defence industry to Canberra and the surrounding region is $4.3 billion.

“These continued attacks are reckless and are an affront to the many thousands of people who work in the defence industry sector in Canberra.

“In mounting these attacks, the Greens are targeting Canberra jobs, our local economy, our national security and the people of Ukraine who are dependent on defence suppliers for their lives,” Mr Hanson concluded.