Nurses need answers on Dhulwa inquiry


Almost two weeks after agreeing to hold an independent inquiry into the Dhulwa Mental Health Unit, the Labor-Greens Government has still not released any detail about the investigation.

The Mental Health Minister Emma Davidson must give Dhulwa nurses information about the inquiry, including the terms of reference and a timeframe.

Shadow Mental Health Minister Leanne Castley strongly backed the union’s call for an independent inquiry and said security at Dhulwa must be a key focus.

“What is the point of having security guards if they cannot intervene and protect our nurses when they are being attacked?” Ms Castley said.

“Two weeks after Minister Davidson announced the inquiry and this Labor-Greens Government has been completely silent.

“The safety of nurses should be the Minister’s top priority but again we see this Labor-Greens Government dragging its feet on accountability and transparency," Ms Castley concluded.