ACT Green’s adjourn debate on ACT Labor’s gambling ties


The ACT Green’s have adjourned debate in the Legislative Assembly today when discussing ACT Labor’s gambling ties to avoid upsetting their senior coalition partner.

Andrew Braddock, the Green’s whip, moved to adjourn debate on a motion put forward by Labor MLA Marisa Paterson following amendments moved by Mark Parton highlighting ACT Labor’s ties to the gambling industry.

Shadow Minister for Gaming Mark Parton said it is pretty clear what the ACT Green’s think about Labor getting over $12 million in donations from the gambling industry, they are disgusted.

“The one thing that the Green’s can’t stand more than gambling, is risking their relationship with ACT Labor,” Mr Parton said.

“What we saw from the Green’s in the Assembly today was a cynical effort to avoid debate and avoid a vote on my amendment until they had discussed it with Labor.”

Mr Parton’s amendment sought to add to Dr Paterson’s motion about gambling harm highlighting that ACT Labor are the biggest receipting of gambling related donations in Australia according to a recent ABC article, and the government continues to profit from shareholdings in gambling companies.

“When we resume debate on this motion, I fully expect the Green’s to vote against it. Labor won’t let the cabinet members support my amendment, and so none of the Green’s will support my amendment.

“The former Green’s MLA Caroline Le Couter would be disgusted in what the ACT Green’s have become, and she said it best that they are now essentially a faction of the Labor Party,” Mr Parton concluded.