Hanson wins support for a plan to address the ACT teacher shortage


After months of delays, and amongst a chronic teacher shortage across the ACT, the Canberra Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson has won a crucial vote in the ACT Assembly.

Mr Hanson’s motion called on the ACT government to provide complete and up to date information on the current teacher crisis, and provide a plan to address the problem into the future.

“This planning should already have occurred and my motion really should not have been necessary,” said Mr Hanson.

“It is a problem that has been known about for years, and the Minister has been asked time and time again to provide this information and to develop a plan to deal with the problem.

“To date, the Minister cannot even tell how many teachers are needed, what support staff are needed or where they are coming from.

“Even the teachers’ union cannot understand why the government does not have this information or cannot provide a plan.

“That’s why I am pleased, finally, that the government has accepted my call, and have undertaken to provide a plan to recruit and retain teachers in the ACT.

"I’m optimistic that this important first step will make a genuine difference to support our great teachers across ACT public schools. Concluded Mr Hanson.