Giulia Jones MLA to use valedictory to call for action on post-traumatic stress injury


In her valedictory speech to the ACT Legislative Assembly today, Mrs Giulia Jones MLA will call for action on post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) experienced by frontline workers in the Territory.

“When one of our ambos or firies is seeking recognition of the mental injuries they’ve sustained protecting and serving our community, they are often told to prove their mental injuries are caused by their work,” Mrs Jones said.

“We all know they have been hurt on the job, and they should not have to prove that again and again.

Mrs Jones will give her valedictory today after announcing last week she would be resigning from the Assembly after almost a decade as the Liberal member for the electorate of Murrumbidgee and previously Molonglo.

“While my time in the Assembly has come to an end, this issue remains as unfinished business for me.

“This morning I have released an exposure draft of a Bill that will deal with the issue of PTSI amongst frontline workers in the Territory.

The Public Sector Workers Compensation Fund Amendment Bill 2022 — Exposure Draft is available on the ACT Legislation Register at:

“This Bill requires the Minister to set a code of practice for any claims managers the Territory uses to manage claims.

“It also requires the Minister to release periodic independent reports on the claims manager’s performance in managing claims for mental injuries by frontline workers.

The ACT’s public sector workers compensation scheme is unique amongst the states and territories, with the ACT holding a licence from the Commonwealth to self-insure within the Commonwealth’s Comcare scheme.

“I believe my Bill is the most practical way for the Territory to ensure our frontline workers are supported when they sustain mental injuries at work, while still self-insuring under Comcare.

Family, and being a working mother, will be a key part of Mrs Jones’ valedictory speech.

“I was elected at 32 with four children, and I’m leaving at 42 with six! I simply could not have done it without a wonderful and supporting husband.

“I’ll also be thanking all my Assembly colleagues, and possibly sharing a few anecdotes about them,” Mrs Jones revealed.