Labor-Greens government must give light rail stage 2A proper scrutiny


The Canberra Liberals are calling on the ACT Labor-Greens Government to finally give light rail stage 2A the proper scrutiny it needs and deserves.

Shadow Minister for Transport Mark Parton said light rail is the biggest infrastructure project in the territory’s history, and the ACT Labor-Greens Government is being too coy with relevant information.

“The Auditor General released a report into the Stage 2A business case in September 2021, recommending that a revised business case be made publicly available,” Mr Parton said.

“The report found several issues, with costs understated, benefits overstated, and an extreme lack of transparency.

“Despite the Auditor-General recommending the government make the revised business case publicly available, the Labor-Greens Government refuses to do so.

“This has in turn, denied Canberrans any meaningful insight into the project; the lack of transparency here is mind-blowing.

“The Labor-Greens government knows their business case for stage 2A just doesn’t stack up.

“What the community needs is a new business case that tells Canberrans how much this project will actually cost, and how much it will actually deliver for the Canberra community,” Mr Parton concluded.

Mr Parton’s motion that will be put forward to the Legislative Assembly today calls on the assembly to affirm the role of independent audits in the ACT and calls once again on the Labor-Greens government to make publicly available a revised business case for stage 2A.