Labor-Greens Government admits water quality failure


In a response to a Question on Notice asking the Minister what evidence there is that the Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) code had achieved its objectives, the Minister pointed to the CHIP Report to show its effectiveness.

The fact is the ACT Waterwatch Catchment Health Indicator Project (CHIP) annual report found that Lake Tuggeranong had its lowest water-health rating to date.

Although improvements were made in other areas, millions have been spent specifically on improving the water quality of Lake Tuggeranong with no real results to show for it.

Shadow Minister for Water Nicole Lawder said that the ACT Labor-Greens Government is continuously failing to address the problem.

“This clearly shows that the Labor-Greens Government are only interested in appearing as though they are improving water quality in our lakes and waterways, rather than actually delivering results,” Ms Lawder said.

“The CHIP reports findings of Lake Tuggeranong were a stark reminder of how bad the water quality issues in the ACT are. This government fails to engage in proper debate about how things can be improved, and Lake Tuggeranong is paying the price.

“If the government is serious about improving water quality, it will start actively measuring and analysing the work they are doing to see how and where things can be improved,” Ms Lawder concluded.