Minister Steel goes into hiding on CIT contracts


Minister for Skills Chris Steel has refused to provide answers to questions asked on notice by the Canberra Liberals regarding the CIT contracts that saw $8.87 million spent on one contractor.

A number of questions were taken on notice by Minister Steel and the Chief Minister in question time during the last sitting week in June, however all questions including those asked since have come back stating the Minister will not provide an answer.

Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee said throughout the process the Chief Minister, Minister for Skills and entire Labor-Greens government have refused to be up front with Canberrans about what they knew, when they knew and why they failed to act.

“It is absolutely imperative for the Minister to be upfront with the public about the murkiness that has clouded these contracts,” Ms Lee said

“It is deplorable and a complete slap in the face to all Canberrans for the Minister to go into hiding.

“Canberrans deserve to know about the nature of the discussions he had with the CIT board about the contracts and what came out of those discussions.

“We know the Chief Minister in 2019 said he was confident these contracts represented value for money and even last year the Minister for Skills questioned the CIT Board about these contracts.

“To hide behind the current Integrity Commission investigation as an excuse not to answer questions even on topics that do not relate to the procurements and contracts themselves is a disgrace.

“It shows utter contempt for the community and confirms once again the culture of secrecy that is being fostered by this Labor-Greens government.”

Ms Lee also stated that every single Freedom of Information request that were submitted by the Canberra Liberals regarding CIT contracts have not met their statutory deadlines. Even with the extension, to come back with a blanket refusal to answer any questions makes a mockery of the seriousness of the issues that Canberrans have every right to know about.

“This Labor-Greens government has no interest in transparency, accountability or integrity and it is clear having been in power for over 20 years that the culture of secrecy continues to poison this Labor-Greens government and it must stop,” Ms Lee concluded.