No-confidence in Chief Minister


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee will today move a motion of no-confidence in the Chief Minister who no longer can guarantee supply.

The motion comes after Greens Leader and Senior Government Minister Shane Rattenbury, issued an extraordinary statement committing to vote against an item of expenditure in the ACT Budget on the floor of the Assembly.

“As Leader of the Greens, Cabinet member, and Expenditure Review Committee member, Mr Rattenbury helped to pull this budget together,” Ms Lee said.

“For him to now indicate that he does not fully support the budget is in stark contravention of Cabinet solidarity, his role as a government minister, and the contents of the Labor-Greens Parliamentary and Governing Agreement.

“The fact is, the Chief Minister has lost control of his Cabinet and his Government; the Labor-Greens Government is deeply divided.

“For Government Ministers to indicate that they will not support the Government’s budget is untenable, it is a shambolic mess.

“The Opposition have lost confidence in the Chief Minister’s ability to guarantee supply and deliver a stable coalition government and it seems now the Greens have too,” Ms Lee concluded.