Chief Minister unable to pass budget and guarantee supply


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee will today put forward a motion of no confidence in the Chief Minister who is unable to guarantee supply and deliver a stable coalition government.

The motion comes after Shane Rattenbury, the ACT Greens Leader, senior Cabinet Minister and Expenditure Review Committee member, made the extraordinary admission that he does not fully support his government’s budget and the Greens would move to vote against certain items of expenditure.

Ms Lee said it is clear the budget delivered by the Chief Minister earlier in the month does not have the full support of his government.

“This fractured Labor-Greens government is falling apart with Ministers indicating they will be voting against their own government,” said Ms Lee.

“The ability to pass the budget and guarantee supply is the most fundamental duty of a government; without the ability to do so, the ACT Labor-Greens government literally cannot function.”

The position held by the Leader of the ACT Greens is contrary to the Parliamentary and Governing Agreement, of which all Labor and Greens MLAs are signatory to.

The Agreement requires Labor and Greens MLAs to “guarantee support for the passage of Appropriation Bills” and to “agree to work together as a Cabinet and Government”.

“This position by the ACT Greens completely undermines the principle of cabinet solidarity, the bedrock principle of our Westminster system that once Cabinet has made a decision, all Cabinet Ministers are expected to support the decision publicly,” Ms Lee said.

“Mr Rattenbury and the Greens have thrown all these principles of good governance and good government out the window, and as such, the ability of this government is irreparably undermined and damaged.

“The Greens are holding the government to ransom, and the Chief Minister must seriously ask himself, if they can do it for this what is to stop them from doing it for something else in this or any future budget?

“Labor and the Greens are making a complete mockery of this parliament and are showing contempt and disrespect for the people of Canberra.

“The Chief Minister has lost control of his government and the Canberra Liberals have lost confidence in the Chief Minister,” Ms Lee concluded.