Canberra Liberals probe ‘murky’ appointment of Gordon Ramsay to CEO of CFC


The Canberra Liberals have asked a number of questions in Estimates Hearings today regarding the appointment of former Labor Minister Gordon Ramsay to CEO of the Cultural Facilities Corporation (CFC).

Mr Ramsay took over the role from long term CEO Harriet Elvin in December 2021 following her announcement to step down in May 2021.

Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee said while the Minister for Arts has tried to distance herself from the appointment and gave a number of vague responses, there are many questions that need answers.

“When an appointment like this is made where a former government Minister finds himself appointed to a CEO position of a government entity there needs to be full transparency,” Ms Lee said.

“While the Minister for Arts has attempted to distance herself from the appointment, she did reveal that Mr Ramsay messaged her outlining his intention to run for the position and was unable to confirm whether she had disclosed that interaction to anyone else.

“The Minister was unable to provide details about how many people were shortlisted for the position and how much the current CEO is being paid compared to his predecessor.”

Shadow Minister for Arts Nicole Lawder also raised during the hearing that one month into his tenure as CEO, Mr Ramsay created a new Chief of Staff position that did not exist prior and was filled by his former Chief of Staff from his time at the Assembly.

“The fact this role was newly created, open for applications for just one week in early January and filled by Mr Ramsay’s former Chief of Staff rings alarm bells,” Ms Lawder said.

“There are serious questions regarding this appointment especially when it comes to the fairness of the recruitment process.

“There needs to be full transparency when it comes to the appointment of Mr Ramsay, his Chief of Staff and we look forward to getting further answers throughout the Estimates Hearings,” Ms Lawder concluded.