Minister refuses to say when light rail will be delivered to Woden


During Estimates Hearings today, Transport Minister Chris Steel was unable to tell Canberrans when the light rail to Woden will be completed.

When pressed by Shadow Transport Minister Mark Parton, the Minister was unable to indicate exactly when Stage 2A of the project to Commonwealth Park will be delivered or the likely final cost of Stage 2 in it’s entirety.

“It is ludicrous to believe that the Transport Minister isn’t working on an estimated completion date behind closed doors,” Mr Parton said.

“Canberrans should be deeply concerned about why the Minister refuses to reveal those details to the wider public.”

The Minister was asked “When the first light rail vehicle rolls into Woden, will it still be legal to buy a new petrol powered car on Melrose Drive (That ban is flagged for 2035)?”, he was unable to answer.

“The Labor-Greens Government endorsed the flawed business case for Stage 2A in 2019, three years ago and have recently awarded a contract for the raising of London Circuit, but still can’t answer when it will be delivered,” Mr Parton said.

“The Tram to Woden was announced nearly seven years ago, and the Labor-Greens government seemingly has no idea when it will be delivered or what it will cost.

“The ACT Government has glossy pictures, headlines and election commitments on the tram, but no delivery date or cost estimate. not even an approximately planning date that is to be revised with detailed planning.

“After many years and well defined election commitments, Canberrans deserve better than the nothingness that the Labor-Greens Government is giving them,” Mr Parton concluded.