Police Minister unable to provide timeline for Molonglo Police Station


It is still unclear if and when residents of Molonglo will receive a police station after the Police Minister was unable to provide a timeline in Estimates Hearings yesterday.

Following a number of questions by Shadow Minister for Police and MLA for Murrumbidgee Jeremy Hanson, the Minister refused to provide any further information except to say, “a decision has not been made yet”.

Mr Hanson said it is not good enough for the Minister to keep the community in the dark and he must provide some clarity about when the area will receive a police station.

“While the Minister produced vague statements about reports and cabinet documents, he was not able to provide any clarity or relevant information to the community about when they will have a permanent police station in Molonglo,” Mr Hanson said.

“Following years of under resourcing by the Labor-Greens government, police in the ACT are stretched to the limit and as a result there is a lack of police presence in the Molonglo Valley and surrounding areas.

“My office is regularly contacted by members of the community who are concerned about the levels of crime in Molonglo and the Minister must be upfront with them and clearly state if and when they will get a police station.

“It is not good enough for these suburbs to rely on the Woden Police Station, which is already understaffed and having to cover Woden Valley, Weston Creek and Molonglo.

“This is just another example of the government failing to adequately plan and once again the Molonglo community misses out,” Mr Hanson concluded.