Canberra Liberals thank ACT Police


Jeremy Hanson, Shadow Minister for Police, will move a motion in the Assembly this afternoon to recognise and thank police in the ACT.

“For some years, the ACT’s thin blue line has been stretched very thin indeed,” said Mr Hanson.

“First there were the bushfires. Then we rolled straight into an unprecedented pandemic, including the protests, with police on the front line. We heard reports of officers turning up to work and then sleeping in their cars for fear of brining COVID home to their families.

“That is on top of the situation of recent deliberate attacks on police as they try to deal with repeat offenders and drug affected drivers.

“This is not about politics. Previously, motions like this have received tri-partisan support. This is about recognising the very real dangers and difficulties police face day after day, year after year.

“It is also timely, as the National Police Memorial Day has just passed, where officers from around the country paid respects for those who paid the ultimate price in keeping our community safe. As AFP Commissioner Kershaw said:

Policing is a service and an honour. For those of us who heed this call, we are aware of our heavy responsibility, and the perils that come with it. We choose this vocation not for ourselves, but for our communities and for our country.

“I couldn’t agree more. I hope everyone in the Assembly feels the same and will join me in commending our police for the job they do for the entire ACT community,” concluded Mr Hanson.