Minister limits community’s opportunity to provide feedback on the future of planning


The Labor-Greens Government yesterday confirmed in Annual Reports Hearings that Canberrans will be receiving the new District Strategies and Territory Plan this week, well after the planning Bill introduced to the Assembly.

Shadow Minister for Planning Peter Cain said the Canberra Liberals have heard from community organisations and industry across Canberra that this release schedule has made it difficult to get the full picture of the future of Planning under this Labor-Greens Government.

“Keeping the community and industry in the dark certainly makes the Labor-Greens Government’s job of introducing huge planning reform easier, as they don’t have to address as much informed feedback,” Mr Cain said.

“The community has told us they can’t provide meaningful feedback on the future of planning, or even the planning Bill, without the District Strategies and Territory Plan. Clearly the Labor-Greens Government doesn’t want to hear community feedback or incorporate it.

"This Labor-Greens Government does not trust Canberrans to provide meaningful feedback, and they have proven time and time again they don’t want to hear a lot of the feedback communities have, especially in regard to the future of planning in the ACT” Mr Cain concluded.