Canberra Liberals welcome FuelCheck announcement after years of inaction from Labor and the Greens


Shadow Minister for Regulatory Services, Ed Cocks MLA has today welcomed the ACT Labor-Greens Government adoption of the Canberra Liberals policy and the announcement that the ACT will finally have access to a Government FuelCheck app.

The Labor-Green Government had previously cast doubt on the policy suggesting it would be only marginally effective, signalling that the Government may ignore the recommendation which was made by the Select Committee on Fuel Pricing.

Mr Cocks said despite the ACT Labor-Greens Government’s hesitancy to enact important cost of living initiatives, he was glad they had finally come to the table after the New South Wales Liberal Government waived the cost.

“The Canberra Liberals welcome the introduction of the FuelCheck system into the ACT, but questions remain about the difference between the ACT's approach and that used in NSW.

“It's critical that FuelCheck is set up to succeed and given this is a 6-month pilot program we will be interested to see how the Government evaluates it.

“We thank the NSW Government for assisting the ACT in this way and the use of their system,” Mr Cocks concluded.