Chief Minister avoids answering questions on MPC contracts


In Annual Reports Hearings today the Chief Minister has sought to avoid taking on notice providing details on Major Projects Canberra contracts where the final contracted price exceeds the price in the winning tender.

Shadow Assistant Treasurer Peter Cain asked Head of Major Projects Canberra Duncan Edghill to take on notice all contracts above $500,000 where the final price was materially above the tendered price.

The Chief Minister interjected saying that there would be “tens of thousands of contracts” and would be too much work to provide.

Mr Cain said given the ACT contract register has only awarded 134 contracts of that value or higher across the history of Major Project Canberra, what is the Chief Minister trying to hide?

“The concern is companies can provide low-ball offers to win tenders with the expectation they can secure a higher price later on," Mr Cain said.

“Transparency in government is essential to community confidence in democracy and the sound and prudent expenditure of their taxpayer dollars.

“I call on Mr Barr and Major Projects Canberra to provide details on all projects where the final contract price exceeds the price in the winning tender.

"I also call on the Chief Minister to disclose where the scope of the tender changed during contract negotiations,” Mr Cain concluded.