Labor-Greens government scraps affordable purchase program for detached housing this year


Under questioning from Shadow Housing Minister Mark Parton in Annual Reports Hearings today, Suburban Land Agency CEO John Dietz confirmed there would be no release of land for detached housing through the affordable purchase program in 2022/23.

The ACT Government's Affordable Home Purchase Scheme assists low-to-moderate income households by providing homes for purchase at affordable prices. A mix of houses, townhouses, terraces and apartments are offered as part of the Affordable Home Purchase Scheme.

“With the release of detached land having been constrained for 10 years by the Labor-Greens government and this having driven the price of detached land through the roof, the government is now shutting down the popular affordable land purchase program,” Mr Parton said.

“There are families on low incomes in desperate need of new homes yet this program has been closed down.

"It is almost unbelievable that one of the few things the government is doing well in this space has been shut down”

The ACT Government’s affordable purchase program website shows that in 2022 13 two-bedroom townhouses in Taylor, 20 two-bedroom apartments in Taylor and 11 one-bedroom houses in Taylor were on offer.