Second court action to shut down Integrity Commission investigation rings alarm bells


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee has raised significant concern following confirmation from the Integrity Commissioner yesterday that court action has been launched seeking to shut down another integrity commission investigation.

Despite the Integrity Commissioner having completed the interim report into ‘Operation Luna’ regarding the murky CIT contracts worth over $8 million, the report is unable to be given to the speaker due to the court action.

Ms Lee said the fact that this is the second time in a month it has been revealed court action has been commenced seeking to shut down an Integrity Commission investigation rings alarm bells.

“It was revealed just last month the head of the Education Directorate is seeking to have the investigation into the Campbell Primary School Modernisation Project contract shut down through Supreme Court Action,” Ms Lee said.

“Through a number of questions asked by the Canberra Liberals it was also uncovered that the ACT taxpayers are footing the legal fees for this action and that the Chief Minister and Attorney-General kept vital information from the Deputy Chief Minister because of her active role in the investigation.

“The Chief Minister must front the public and confirm:

  • when he became aware of these proceedings?
  • what role the ACT government is playing, if any, in these proceedings?
  • if ACT taxpayers are footing the bill for the legal fees for these proceedings?”

Andrew Barr and Chris Steel have previously confirmed that they received a copy of the interim report in November last year.