Lee calls out Barr’s bogus budgets


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee has rubbished Andrew Barr’s credibility when it comes to delivering on budget promises, following his poor track record over the last 13 years.

Ms Lee pointed to at least 150 broken promises by Andrew Barr as Treasurer which includes never having delivered a surplus.

“As Andrew Barr delivers his 13th budget today, it is clear Canberrans cannot trust that he will deliver on his promises,” Ms Lee said.

“Year after year, Andrew Barr makes countless promises to Canberrans; and year after year what he delivers is a litany of broken promises as highlighted in a substantial document released by the Canberra Liberals today.

“We know this government is good on announcements and spin but where they fail time and time again is on delivery.

“What we have seen from Andrew Barr over the last two weeks are re-announcements on commitments he has made previously but failed to deliver to Canberrans.

“This includes the Gungahlin health centre that was one of five promised at the 2020 election, and the Athllon Drive duplication which was promised in 2016.

“We have also seen more announcements about the new theatre, convention centre and stadium which are announced every budget and every election, some of which were floated by Andrew Barr back in 2009.

“Canberrans are sick of hearing about feasibility studies, design concepts, and international study tours from Andrew Barr on major infrastructure projects. It is clear from all the delays and re-announcements he is incapable of delivering them.

“It is astounding that Andrew Barr and his Ministers can make these ‘announcements’ with a straight face and expect Canberrans to continue swallowing their false promises.

“A Canberra Liberals Government I lead will be upfront with the community and deliver on the promises we make,” Ms Lee concluded.

To read more: https://bogusbudget.com/