I am Ralitsa Dimitrova, your local Liberal candidate for the upcoming ACT election in October 2024. Born and bred in Bulgaria, I migrated to Canberra in 2012 and have been a proud resident of Gungahlin since 2017. In 2018, I joined the Gungahlin Community Council and was honoured to be elected the Gungahlin Community Council Vice President in 2022. Over the past five years, I have dedicated my time to volunteering in Gungahlin and supporting its residents.

As a Gungahlin resident like you, every day I notice the unmowed grass, the uneven footpaths, the potholes, the malfunctioning streetlights at night, and the uncollected waste in our parks. All this is accompanied by rising crime across our suburbs, making our beautiful suburbs increasingly unsafe for us and our children.

This lack of care by the Labor-Greens government has motivated me to step forward to represent you in the upcoming ACT election. It is just not acceptable for maintenance efforts and timely rubbish collection to only commence a year before an election, with residents left to manage these things on their own for the other three years, especially considering the ridiculously high rates we all pay for these services to be provided. It is also not acceptable for the crime rates to continue to grow and the Labor-Greens government to treat the situation as if nothing is wrong.

As your representative, I will be working to ensure that Yerrabi residents get:

  • Regular suburban maintenance of our local infrastructure
  • Responsive government services
  • Clean and well-maintained recreation facilities, such as our playgrounds and BBQ areas
  • Rates that are fair and considerate of our cost-of-living conditions
  • Safety and security for our homes and on our streets

We all deserve a better Yerrabi and I am committed to working tirelessly to achieve it.

Please support me so I can support each of you.

Vote for Ralitsa Dimitrova and the Canberra Liberals at the October 2024 ACT election.