Hi, my name is Rosa Harber, your local Liberal candidate for Brindabella for the upcoming ACT election in October 2024.

I was born and raised in Canberra and have lived here for over 45 years. With my loving husband and daughter, I have proudly called Tuggeranong home for nearly a decade.

Working as a specialist in health policy for the Commonwealth, making sure we all have access to high quality health care services is something I care deeply about. Following my passion for helping our local community, I also serve as a member of the Tuggeranong Community Council.

Over the years we have all witnessed the growing neglect of Tuggeranong in crucial areas such as city services, public safety, education, health, housing and public transport. Labor is failing our city and has taken our community for granted for far too long.

With your support, as part of the Canberra Liberals team, I will focus on and fight for:

  • Providing cost of living relief
  • Improving access to quality healthcare services
  • Improving our schools for better education outcomes
  • Boosting our police force for better public safety
  • Improving our roads and public transport system
  • Improving access to affordable housing and housing options
  • Returning proper services to our suburbs so they are well maintained
  • Providing support for small and medium sized businesses so they can succeed
  • Revitalising our waterways, recreational parks and green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

I’m proud to be a part of the Canberra Liberals team that will make Canberra, and in particular Tuggeranong, a better place to live. Together, we will work towards improving these neglected services and stop wasteful spending on vanity projects, redirecting that money to benefit our community.

I’m a Tuggeranong local and a hardworking mum, committed to action and dedicated to serving our community.

If you would like to contact me to discuss the issues that are important to you, please call me on 0494 021 936 or email me at rosa.harber@canberraliberals.org.au