Sandi Mitra is your local Liberal candidate for Brindabella.

As a father, husband, and avid dog lover, Sandi has proudly called Chisholm home for the past 18 years. He migrated to Australia in 2001 and loves his adopted country, which welcomed him with open arms and helped achieve his goals, working as a senior banker for more than a decade.

Sandi’s passion for community service has been acknowledged and applauded by his peers. He was an ACT ‘Local Hero’ Finalist for Australian of the Year 2024, the winner of the ACT Outstanding Excellence Award for Diversity, Finalist for the ABC’s ‘Community Spirit’ Award, and Past President of India-Australia Association of Canberra.

This desire to do his best for the local community inspired him to run for the ACT Assembly. He listened to the concerns of his friends and neighbours about the lack of basic facilities such as transportation, healthcare, well-funded schools, infrastructure, and housing in Brindabella. The noticeable disparity in funding and attention between our area and northern Canberra is something which must change.

Sandi aspires to be the catalyst to bring about that change and to create a Better Tuggeranong and Better Brindabella.

As a local candidate, Sandi is committed to:

  1. Enhancing infrastructure, affordable housing, expanding sporting facilities, promoting affordable housing, and creating diverse investment opportunities.
  2. Supporting small businesses while attracting new ones to Tuggeranong.
  3. Improving city services and ensuring regular maintenance including revitalising worn-down suburbs and shops, and fighting for a clean and safe Lake Tuggeranong.
  4. Implementing people-focused transportation system, such as restoring dedicated school bus services and reinstating Xpresso/ Rapid services to the city.
  5. Increasing policing for a safer community.
  6. Securing more funding for schools and community activities in Tuggeranong.

We need a change of government to create a Better Tuggeranong and Better Brindabella. Together, we can build that vision for our local community.